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As summer breaks its heat all around, but it’s time to show some skin, but obviously with some terms & conditions attached as well.

If you’re going out on summer you need to keep this in mind, “A day in the sun, say hello to Tan” or as they say. But caring for skin doesn’t simply mean applying sunscreen. Well the steps that you should follow isn’t rocket science, it’s just simple tips to guide you across summers without worrying about tan.

DIY smart tips to beat the summer heat - skin care tips for summer

  • Exfoliation a day, keeps the dead cells away..

Exfoliation is a must if you want your skin to stay alive all day long, plus it helps keep all the dead skin cells off, thus keeping your skin unclogged and healthy. Exfoliation removes dead cells, so your skin tone will also appear lighter as well.

  • The all mighty moisturizer

Moisturizers are lifesavers in summer, cause nothing bugs more like dry skin. If you skin gets dry it’s not a good sign, a well moisturized skin is a young and healthy skin.

DIY smart tips to beat the summer heat - skin care tips for summer

  • Say hello to Hydrogen Dioxide a.k.a water!

Since you’re moisturizing your skin, you personally need to be hydrated (make sure to get the necessary vitamins and minerals) as well then only will Point.2 work.

  • Block out the rays

If you are exposed to sunlight apply sunscreen, it’s the golden rule. But it’s never a problem to apply some more, after it does help to block as much as UVs as possible.

DIY smart tips to beat the summer heat - skin care tips for summer

  • Eat, Sleep & Heal

Often the skin gets damaged when you suddenly plan out but forget that sunscreen or get in a hot spell, well whatever happens, happens. But there are easy remedies to fixing that as well.

Having a good night’s sleep also helps heal the body and the skin. Other than that there’s also a tasty way to heal you looks. Munching on particular foods also helps to heal the skin, stuff like Walnuts, spinach, tomato, sweet potato, spinach & green tea does the trick good.

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