Buy Smart – Common mistakes while Shopping

Ever wondered what went wrong after shopping along the way? You shop, shop and shop but then after a couple of days you open the closet and there’s nothing to wear at all. And there you are amongst the rush of the morning and indecisively end up wearing whatever you could find around you.

You wonder throughout the day why can’t I have something more awesome to wear? Well it happends to the most of us. But it isn’t the fault in our stars, this means you have gotta start changing your shopping habit.

The reason indecisive behavior strikes the moment you open that closet, because either the moment isn’t right to wear or it’s the wrong size or else you end up questioning yourself why ever did I buy that.

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Let’s break things down a bit.

  • Size matters or does it?

The primary thing to mind while shopping is watching out for that size. Note: Different brands manufacture different sort of sizes, so hit that trial room as much as you like until you find the once for you. Just don’t end up taking selfies. JK.

Shopping guide for all related fashion trends and style check ups

  • Quantity? No it’s Quality

Quality will rule out quantity any day. Hey it does feel great carrying so many bags and thinking to yourself, man I scored. But it ends up being a pile in the cupboard after a few spins. So as they say choose wisely, carefully look out which ones you’re buying and then filter which one you really need.

  • Compatibility is tricky

We may all get excited when we find that perfect dress or that gorgeous top. But don’t rush to conclusions so quick, rather as yourself do I have something that I can pair this up with. Evaluate your options so that it doesn’t become a dead weight later on.

Shopping guide for all related fashion trends and style check ups

  • Say ‘No’ with grace

Those says reps. are only doing their job, don’t let their opinion disguise you. Sure ask them queries, don’t deny their assistance. But the choice to buy matters in your hands.

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