Closet Clean Up Hacks & Quick Tips – DIY

Your closet is like the chamber of secrets, it holds all your wishes and desires. But when it comes to shopping, we often wish we could buy, buy and buy nonstop, now wouldn’t that be great? But have you ever taken a look inside that closet? After all it’s your cloth’s home, even they feel stuffed sometimes. If you don’t love your clothes they won’t love you.

Closet clean up and tips - fashion lifestyle tips and trends

So ladies lets finally give some justice to that closet, cause it’s spring cleaning time, time to throw way those old faded and out of fashion clothes and welcome the new. It’s high time that closet had a breather for a change, but we know it’s hard to throw away your old clothes, after all remember that red dress you wore at the party, or that blouse you wore..any way ultimately what’s old and unfashionable doesn’t kill you, but it makes you closet full.

Closet clean up and tips - fashion lifestyle tips and trends


  • The basics of your wardrobe

These are some of basic things that you must need to have, from that warm and cozy sweater to that favorite jacket or even that blazer you like.

  • Dress up for those events

These are those party essentials that you must need to have, after all every likes to be the highlight of the party.

  • Top Trenders

These are some of the latest in top fashion trend, and I’m not talking about that cosmopolitan magazine.

  • Worth the bucks

You already guessed it, yes there are some of those expensive wardrobe collections that are so costly you just can’t throw away.

  • The Story tellers

Some things tell a story of their own, and it’s your clothes so it’s your story, remembering those memorable days when you used to wear them.

How to part ways without the tears!

  • Frozen in time

It’s time to face the hard facts, if it hasn’t seen the light of day for 6 months or so, it’s never gonna. It’s best to give it away or donate to the underprivileged.

  • The fits and the flops

Often it happens that you buy something from the corner store or the flea market, but then find out it’s not your type, then trust me there’s no use keeping it.

And don’t forget to throw out all the washed out, stained or worn out clothes.

  • The oldies

And to top it off it’s also time to say farewell to those favorites you wore all year, people age and clothes do too.

Now that that’s done, it’s time to get set and reorganize that closet, don’t worry it’s not like your rearranging your living room, it takes a bit of effort but it’s worth it the next you open your closet.

  • Stack it up

Arrange it according to your needs, don’t just dump them all at once, and maintain uniformity.

  • Divide and conquer

Divide that closet space category wise, put your jeans, tees and jackets neatly and sort them out.

  • Your closet your rules

Trust me you have to look after your clothes like kids, so discipline is a must. Make sure to fold up all your clothes neatly after ironing or cleaning them.

P.S. Do make sure to keep some moth balls or a de-odourizer to keep things smelling great and things stay hygienic.

Closet clean up and tips - fashion lifestyle tips and trends

Now that you have successfully cleaned and organized your closet, give yourself a treat and enjoy a nice cappuccino, you earned it!

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