Style Hacks For A More Fashionable You

Whether you’re at the work place or with your friends, who wouldn’t want to look stylish?. So thinking of pimping up that style statement?. After all there has to be some sort of trick to it, you wondered right? Like buying stuff from that high end store or expensive jewellery, but nope not it. It’s easy to look stylish for less, you just need a few tips and pointers that’s all..

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  • Customize

First fit those wably dresses that you own, but can’t seem to get that vibe out of it, well easy just go to good fitting alterer and get the size you really need.

  • Basics 101

Basic tees, dresses and tank tops are a must have for everybody, but wearing them with the right pair of jeans or denims will do the trick.

  • Steam ‘em

The most basic text book funda for looking great & having style is steam and press, nobody likes wrinkles neither does your clothes. So stay sharp if you know what I mean.

  • Fine tune

Your eyes have to be fine tuned enough to know up front whether that stitching is getting loose, or whether those buttons are of the same design or not. People tend to pay attention to the smallest of things.

  • A cure is all you need

Manicures and pedicures, hair maintenance to face clean up, it matters a lot. Health, hygiene and discipline to ones beauty are crucial.

  • Accessorize

It never hurts to mix and match once in a while, as long as it’s not that much of a big deal, but often adding a little jewellery to your style adds flairs to your looks. And often beauty is found in the little things in life.

  • Smells good

If you look fresh, you’ll feel fresh. People don’t like to smell bad scents, make sure you don’t end up being that, freshen yourself daily and don’t forget that deo.

  • Carry-wear

Even having that right hand-bag with you may become the real show stopper, after all its you show casing how your carrying your luggage, make it happen.

Latest trends on style and fashion updates trending tips and suggestions lifestyle

  • The final secret

The final and most important thing to pay attention to. is you. Just throw away that frown it’s not doing any good. A bright smile is the solution to everything, a smile on your face steals a lot of hearts, so smile and keep spreading the smiles.

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