‘S’ for Saree – Style guide for Ethnic Wears

Wearing a saree is the most gorgeous fashion statements in ethnic wear. This simple piece of long decorated cloth can transform you in to a diva that can make heads turn to grab attention.

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Here are some interesting things to note when wearing this ethnic wear.

  • Wear the fabric, not the cloth

While wearing sarees you need to be sure which fabric you decide to wear, for summers go for those types of fabrics that let you breathe through the day, fabrics like gerogettes or nets do the thing.

If you’re going to sport sarees in the winter days, go for heavier fabrics like silk.

  • Jacket up

Jacket style blouses are the latest thing now a days. Go for a jacket that matches with the saree, try wearing full-sleeved collared jackets, it will give you an elegant look to your attire. But do accessorize up with embroidery and you are sure to steal the show.

  • Pin it

Some of the commonly misplaced household item is the safety pin, but it has the most beautiful purpose to a saree, and now a days fashion companies are taking over the customized safety pin market. The more unique the design of you pin, the more gorgeous your look becomes.

  • HD, not that one..Heel & Drape

While wearing the saree make sure to wear the heels first or else the fitting could go weird, meaning you wore and draped your saree according to your height but when you wore the heels it looks as if the saree is floating up, avoid that choose your desired length.

  • Tightening things

Never wear sarees too loosely or too tightly, or else you’ll end up being uncomfortable enough that you can’t breathe or your saree will drape off of you. Trust me you don’t want that EVER.

  • Put on the J’s

Jewellery is like back up to a saree, the more beautiful and elegant it is the more gorgeous you’ll look. But don’t over-do it or else you’re gonna end up looking like those overly dressed women on saas-bahu soaps.

  • Choose wisely

The second most important thing that compliments sarees is the petticoat or the underskirt, one change in the design and shade of a petticoat can change the look and feel of the saree.

  • The Goodie Bag

When pairing a bag along with your saree, go for something which gives that ethnic vibe, you know what I mean? Don’t carry heavy or big bags. Trust me carrying sarees as if it isn’t hard enough, you don’t need any extra burden.

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